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What is FirstClassFit?

It is NOT just another gym template.
It is NOT a one-size-fits-all program.
It is NOT bro-science.


Our programs are fully optimized for your body and lifestyle. All the methods that we use are backed by hard scientific data. We use formulas, not bro-science, to calculate your optimal training parameters and your optimal diet.

The mainstream Media are WRONG!

What they say

What science says says bodybuilders need to eat 5-8 meals per day to support muscle building.

Science says you don’t need to suffer preparing tons of meals every day.

SimplyShredded recommends 2.0 g/kg protein per meal for optimal muscle building.

Science says bodybuilders don’t need that much.

According to Men’s Health you should lift 3 times per week.

Science says a higher frequency builds more muscle.

Do you want to know what is optimal for YOU?

The Scientific Approach

My entire childhood up until my early 20’s I was a skinny, scrawny, stick. I didn’t have a strong body to brag or be confident about. But I was DETERMINED to look like the guys on the magazine covers. I tried every single absurd workout program that I could find. Most of the programs didn’t work at all but looking back, I’d say I got lucky.
Lucky how?
Using these random training methods I somehow managed to become a fitness model. However being a model only made my life more difficult. I had to compete with the TOP models in Hollywood. For years I struggled to find what could really give me an edge. Finally I found the correct solution: Adopting a Scientific Approach THAT WORKS. A useful scientific approach gave me all I needed.

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Here are a few secrets that you will learn in the 14-day program
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  • Your genetic potential and how it impacts your training and diet.
  • The optimal training frequency for you.
  • How heavy should you lift for your body type
  • When it’s the best time to eat.
  • How much protein you should really eat to build as much muscle as possible.
  • Which supplements really work according to science.

Do you want to know what works scientifically?