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Personal Trainer | Fitness Model


Despite being a natural skeptic I used to be the guy that would always try everything, if it seemed to work for others why not try it? So I would bounce around and try approach after approach. 

The blessing of fitness information is also its curse…there is an overwhelming amount of information out on the web! It is great that we can access so much information at our fingertips but with so many conflicting opinions and methods, unless we dedicate our lives to spinning our wheels how do we know what really works? 

It was this question that sparked my deep dive immersion into fitness information. I had seemed to have tried everything under the sun, yet was still constantly uneasy, making needless drastic changes. 

After much time learning the science and research it soon became obvious that the true formula to the optimization of one’s physique is the same that is needed for when one wants to optimize anything else in their life: Practical Individualization. 

Having a vast amount of knowledge is not enough, it needs to be catered to an individuals specific case. Much like it is great having the best raw material or top designer in the world to look your best in a suit… it still is not enough on its own to make up for the impeccable refinement that would be received from a tailor. 

Though it took a great amount of time to discover this reality, it birthed the development of my real passion: coaching others the First Class Fit method to attain their ideal physiques. We continue to provide our clients with the most efficacious, ideal, and elite programs, along with constantly staying up to date with all the latest and cutting edge fitness, nutrition, and health research.  



Personal Trainer | Data Scientist | Ph.D.

Like many I started working out using templates from popular fitness websites. Of course I chose the training programs from the big badass-looking guys. All the broscience sounded impressive. But the results weren’t there.

Looking back with the evidence-based knowledge that I have now, all these programs were poor for me. Science shows clearly that each training and diet program needs to be tailored specifically for each individual if we want to optimize our progress.

After getting a PhD in aeronautical engineering I traveled around the world while working as a data scientist. The new environments posed new challenges to stay fit and healthy. Together with Carlos we have found new ways to diet and train efficiently while on the road. Whether you are a busy professional with a fast-paced on the go lifestyle or a mom with a hectic family life, we can provide the best programs for you to get lean and fit.